Probate Law

Estate plans must be drawn up correctly to withstand any court challenges and to pass examination by a Probate Court judge for validity. Consulting first with Attorney Melissa Wu, a detail-minded and experienced Maryland and D.C. Metro Area Probate Lawyer is an excellent way to either avoid Probate or to assure that your estate matters that do land in Probate Court are conducted according to your wishes.

Attorney Melissa A. Wu

The Law Office of Melissa A. Wu, LLC has an office conveniently located in Gaithersburg, MD. As an additional service to clients, Melissa brings her legal expertise directly by providing complimentary consultations in client homes. Melissa has a unique business model of counseling clients from across Maryland and the DC Metro area in the comfort of their own homes. Clients quickly discover that Melissa A. Wu is a thoughtful and caring lawyer who works closely with clients on all their legal matters. Probate is a concern especially to clients with larger assets and property that they want to pass along to heirs. If there is no will or trust set up in advance, estate matters go into Probate, where a judge may appoint a stranger to manage the estate affairs and distribute assets if you can no longer manage your own affairs or when you die.

Maryland and D.C. Metro Area Probate Lawyer

As an experienced Maryland and D.C. Metro Area Probate Lawyer, Attorney Melissa Wu understands the processes involved with wills, trusts and Probate issues. She works hard for clients, advising them of all important information related to their situation and making sure they understand all documents. She wants clients to safeguard their assets properly, and avoid any crisis situations. Melissa can also help you with elder care, business and contract law matters.

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